Sometimes in life you have to get a little lost before you are truly able to find your way.


Lost on a Horse

When I was young one of my favorite things to do was pack up my horse, Hope, and head out to get lost and spend the whole day finding my way home. Much as my life has been thus far, getting a little lost was just the beginning of a great adventure. Each of the challenges and surprises along the paths that led me home became building blocks that ultimately created the woman I am today.

This blog has evolved quite a bit since its inception. It has grown into a forum for discussion about the challenges, triumphs and everyday mishaps of life with chronic pain. It’s a place for sharing, advocacy, healing and inspiration. Occasionally you’ll find some other topics thrown in…what can I say…even though the pain never stops, sometimes you have to just shove it aside!

About Courtney

I’m a woman, a family member, a friend, the caretaker of two amazing furry friends. I live with intractable migraines and fibromyalgia. I do not give up. I write. I read. I listen. I cry. I laugh. I’ve traveled near and far, met some of the world’s most wonderful people, and learned what it is to feel truly humble. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to author this blog and for your interest in reading it. Enjoy!

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Share away!

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