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Take action for Japan

This is just a quick note for those of you looking for ways to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. The following links are to three incredibly reputable organizations. Donating to them will ensure that your money is actually going where it’s needed.

  • In addition, the Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) and Los Angeles Search and Rescue Teams have been deployed as members of USAID’s Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART).  Each USAR team will be composed of approximately 72 personnel, search and rescue canines and approximately 75 tons of rescue equipment. The USAR teams will be accompanied by USAID disaster experts who will assist with assessments of the situation. To help fund this effort, please visit the USAID Web site at:

Lastly, while ALL of the efforts to assist the victims are cherished, some might not be getting from you to the organizations that need them as fast as you might think. There have been issues with donations sent via text message being delayed by up to three months. Be sure to reach out to your wireless company and demand that donations go through immediately. Public response to this matter helped donations get to Haiti when needed, and our voices can do the same for Japan. To send a message to wireless companies, please visit the following Web site and sign the petition.

Remember, every little bit counts!

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