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A Sad Day in Sacramento

As someone who will forever call Sacramento my home (despite the many places I have lived before and since my years there!), today is a sad, sad day. Last night our beloved Sacramento Kings played what will almost certainly be their final game in the River City. The Kings’ time in Sac-town has been marked with ups and downs, comings and goings of great players and coaches, wide-ranging scores and records. But one thing has been consistent…the Kings have been the heart of this small-town big-city through it all. Fans have supported the Kings through years of losing seasons and blown the roof off of Arco Arena, for many years, considered the toughest arena in the NBA for visiting teams (not to mention the loudest!). In true Sacramento style, last night’s game was packed, enthusiastic and rowdy; a showing of this town’s undying love for their basketball team despite an over-all losing season. The game ended and fans stayed in their seats, cheering the team they desperately hope, against odds, will not be leaving them.

So why are the Kings moving? And where? Owners Joe and Gavin Maloof, in a somewhat baffling choice, have decided to apply to the NBA Board of Governors to move the Kings to…are you ready for this?….Anaheim! So The LA area will have not one, not two, but THREE basketball teams now? Sure, that makes sense! The second team in LA (the LA Clippers, if you didn’t know there was a second team) is already scurrying around in the shadows behind the spotlighted Lakers. And now, for reasons unknown to the masses, the Kings could well be joining this over-teamed area. The Governors’ meetings began this morning at 9 a.m. EST. The Maloofs will make their presentation at 12:45. Over the next two days arguments will be heard from the City Governors of each of the cities as well as the team owners and if they choose to proceed, the Maloofs will make their formal application for relocation on Monday. While the Maloofs have certainly done some good things for the team over the years, trying to force a move from a city that desperately wants to keep their team, to an area where two existing teams desperately want to keep them out just doesn’t make much sense. But like all business deals, this one isn’t about sense, it’s about cents. The more the merrier…for the Maloofs anyway.

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