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Missouri Sacrifices Animal and Voter Rights

Missouri is the nation’s leader in cruel, inhumane, unregulated puppy mill operations. Annually they supply pet stores with more puppies than any other state – by far. Recently there seemed to have been a glimmer of hope on the horizon for millions of pups in Missouri. Last November voters in Missouri passed the ASPCA-supported Prop B – The Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act (PMCPA). But this past Wednesday, the Missouri House of Representatives voted 85-71 in favor of Senate Bill 113, rejecting the will of the state’s voters and eliminating all of the newly established humane improvements outlined in the PMPCA! Not only is this a terrifying move in the wrong direction, but perhaps even more scary, an absolutely grotesque violation of the democratic process.

Missouri Attorney General Koster at a puppy mill raid

Unless Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon, vetoes it, Senate Bill 113 will become state law. If passed, this bill will not only do away with all of the provisions of the PMPCA such as increased cage sizes, a ban on wire flooring and a restriction on the frequency of breeding, but it will actually LESSEN the already deplorable “standards” – if you can even call them that, which currently govern commercial breeding. Not only will these awful effects be suffered by dogs in Missouri, but the precedent that this sets for many other states currently considering commercial breeding reform will have a deep and lasting influence.

So what can you do? Please reach out to every single person you know in Missouri and urge them to CALL Governor Nixon to voice their deep concern over this issue and ask him to veto SB 113. If you live in Missouri, get on the phone fast! Start a petition and send it in ASAP! Do whatever you can to make it clear to Governor Nixon that Missourians have spoken. They do not support animal cruelty and that their elected officials have a duty to act according to their constituents’ desires…not their own. Share this post via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or any other way you can.

For more details on what this bill will mean for dogs in Missouri, please visit the ASPCA Web site or the following article from ZOE Nature.

This injustice will not just be felt by the dogs born in puppy mills, but by every participant in our democratic system whose vote SHOULD matter. Thanks for taking a few minutes to make a huge difference!

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