Sometimes in life you have to get a little lost before you are truly able to find your way.

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Choose to have more!

What does your life look like? Are you making ends meet? Slaving away at a job you hate that will never be worthy of who you REALLY ARE? Are you living paycheck to freaking paycheck??? Do you dream of more? Do you dream of having CHOICES? Of being financially FREE? Do you want a life that is NOT AVERAGE but EXCEPTIONAL??? Do you desire flexibility, autonomy and wealth? Do you want to CHANGE THE LIVES OF OTHERS? Do you want to better YOUR life and YOUR FAMILY’S LIFE?


I made a CHOICE to take control of my life, my destiny, my future. I started a Mary Kay business and I will not look back. I chose to let go of my RIDICULOUS judgements and stop TOLERATING mediocrity and average thinking and herd mentality. I CHOSE to be a leader. I chose to BE BOLD. I am a part of a DEBT FREE, MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR company! I lead women. I lead GREAT women. I am led by the GREATEST women.

Prosperity, freedom, leadership, unbelievable relationships…they are ALL POSSIBLE FOR YOU! If YOU are not average…if YOU are willing and READY to make a significant change in YOUR life, contact me. Do it TODAY. Understand that you are reading this because it is a part of YOUR DESTINY to connect with me, to seize this GIFT, to get OUT OF THE PIT and INTO THE PALACE! If you know that deep down inside, you are CINDA-FREAKIN-RELLA…then make a change! Get in touch with me now and CHOOSE to HAVE MORE. You are worth it. You DO deserve it. You just have to make the choice.

Have an amazing, powerful, life-altering day. Do NOT accept less.

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