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Meet the Crew

Here at Lost on a Horse Headquarters, there is a very hard-working, incredibly genuine and loving staff that supports me. They may not be your “average” staff, but they’re here everyday, rain or shine, and have been supporting me in this, and every other effort for many years. (Except for those that take me away from home, that is. Those involve a bit of sabotage.) To understand me, it’s important that you meet them.

Yes, those whiskers are really as GIANT as they appear!

The oldest member of my staff is Piper. She is very talkative, well-rounded and has a heart of gold. She’s been with me since October 2000.Piper has an affinity for sitting on my keyboard (she’s trying to take over the blog, so if it suddenly changes dramatically, that could be why). She is a shameless dog-food thief. She is incredibly friendly and will talk with just about anyone. After she returned to me having spent a few months living at my mother’s house, (I was “in transition”) Mom, who claims not to like cats, said, “It’s so quiet around here, I have no one to talk to in the morning anymore without Piper!” She’s irresistible.

As you can see she keeps a pretty tight hold on me!

Next in line for seniority is Chloe. (Although she’ll tell you she’s really running the show…and sometimes I think she might be right!) Chloe spends a lot of time telling me what to do. Most of her demands are pretty simple though. “Feed me. Love me. No I won’t come downstairs because then I have to share you, so come UPSTAIRS and love me. Get the dog away from me. Get off the computer now. Put that suitcase away!” Really she gets a bad rap for all her demands but the way I see it, she just speaks up a bit more about her (very reasonable) needs than most.  I admire her for it actually. She’s been very helpful in my own quest to be better about voicing my needs in certain relationships. She’s really a softy…all she wants is to cuddle all the time every day, every night and if she could find a time in between…then too! Can’t fault her for that.

She loves the fuzzy blankets...just like Mommy!

And the youngest member of the crew is Miss Annabelle. Also known as Annie, Annie B, Annie Pants, Annabellisimo, Annikins, Belles….the list goes on. It’s a wonder she even knows we’re talking to her actually. Annie came into my life 2  years ago. Dan (my roommate and, at the time, significant other) and I had decided it was finally time to get a dog. After looking at local shelters and through hundreds of profiles on Petfinder I suddenly knew I was staring at our dog. I put in the application and a few short weeks later, we were driving up to PA to pick her up. Annie’s had a tough road…much like Chloe (I’ll get into that some other time!). She had Parvo when we got her, has had a number of viruses and bacterial infections, and injured shoulder and relentless allergies. But her energy and good nature surpass them all and she brings joy and endless entertainment into our lives!

These are the faces of the crew that support me. On good days, bad days and everything in between, they are there everyday reminding me that life is sweet, and that it’s worth having a good stretch in the morning (or anytime, really), running around like  you’re a kid without a care, putting on a silly face and most importantly, spending quality time with the ones you love. If you follow the blog they will become familiar faces in your life too; that much I can promise!

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