Sometimes in life you have to get a little lost before you are truly able to find your way.

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15 Things I learned in College

I’ve been reading through some of my old journals and came across a really funny entry from my first semester of my freshman year. I wrote down a list of 15 things college had already taught me about life…

  1. Hall-cest is a really bad idea.
  2. Mail really is a gift from God – no matter who it’s from! (note: this was back when we still got snail-mail!)
  3. “Staying up late” really does take on a new meaning (it’s 6:00 a.m. right now!)
  4. Walmart really can be exciting. (note: I went to school in the middle of no where – any time you could con an upperclassman into driving you off campus it was a really big deal!)
  5. Privacy is truly a treasure.
  6. If you haven’t learned to bite your tongue before you come to college, learn quickly, or take self-defense!
  7. Sleep has never been so precious – at least during the day time!
  8. When you go away to college, your worse enemy suddenly changes from your parents to your phone bill.
  9. If frozen in a block of ice, then melted in the microwave, apples explode and taste really good!
  10. You should’ve known not to eat all that pasta last summer because you’re eating enough of it now to feed the world’s hungry!
  11. You never realize before you leave for college how dependent you are on Mom’s weather forecast or the TV as a backup!
  12. Friendships can grow very quickly, though often not as quickly as you may think they have.
  13. Everything is funny at 5 a.m.
  14. There really is a little monster that lives in closet – his sole purpose in life is not to gobble you up though; it is to shut off your alarm clock while you’re sleeping so you are late for class!
  15. The cleaning staff really do work just as hard as you do so you should say thank you all the time.

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