Sometimes in life you have to get a little lost before you are truly able to find your way.

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Small Wonders

For all those who have lost loved ones, I hope you find some comfort in these words.

In loving memory of Evelyn Marion Small Colvin and Helen Small Barter

Small Wonders

There are some things, some people,

that are like fixtures in our lives.

We always know where to find them, 

and just how they will be when we get there.

They are permanent; they have a place.

They are timeless, and elegant…

the perfect balance of wisdom, beauty and grace.

Without ever meaning to, 

or perhaps ever knowing that they do, 

they serve a purpose in the lives of others.

They are a sort of beacon about which we orient ourselves,

and come to know our own places in the world.

They serve as a standard by which we measure

not just our own worth, 

but the good of all that surrounds us.

We come to rely on them.

We depend on knowing where to find them, 

and just how they will be when we get there.

But when they move, or are gone, 

it takes time before our own lives make sense again.

This is the time in which we heal.

In loving memory of Mark A. Crawshaw

I miss you; I love you, I wish you were here, but am more grateful that you are free. I feel you beside me in each step I take; I know it is you who gives me strength. You’ve allowed me to leg go of the fears…that I will forget the sound of your voice, your laughter, your smile, your blue, blue eyes, your arms wrapped ’round me like a shield. As we promised each other long ago…together forever, never let go.

Time passes.

First in seconds. Later in minutes.

Then an hour goes by, and I am still here.

Slowly I begin to notice days.

I got stuck at days.

Eventually, I was living through weeks.

Then one day, a month had passed.

Today I look back on five years of living without you.

Past the time it took for the shock and denial to subside.

Past the time it took for the anger to fade into pure pure sadness.

Guilt still follows nearby, clawing at me, pulling me down.

When I need to fight it, I listen to your voice, the sweetest sound I know.

Time passes.

But the memories do not fade.

The pain I know will dull,

but even now it still stings in hot tears.

Time passes.

But I cannot help but compare everything about my life to

the one we had planned.

I miss you.

I miss those who were only real in our dreams.

Jacob, Kiley, Tucker, Nala…

so many dreams that died with you.

Time passes,

but your voice remains.

I recognize how lucky I am…

I can still hear you say I love you,

I can turn it up loud or listen to you in quiet whispers.

Time passes,

but the space you left in my world and in my heart remains.

I heal slowly, and move on.

But that space will always belong to you,

my prince in a fairytale romance.

My traveling fool, my partner in crime,

my sweet valentine, serenader, failure hater.

Time passes,

and I hope.

I hope you see now what I tried to show you.

That you were perfect with all of your flaws,

loved unconditionally and admired by all.

In all of us that grieve still, and always will,

you had bonds that neither time nor distance nor death can kill.

Time passes.

But love remains.

The grief they say will fade away,

but your place in my heart will always stay.

When I need you, your laughter lifts my soul,

your antics brighten my mood,

and I know that where ever I am,

I am there with you.

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