Sometimes in life you have to get a little lost before you are truly able to find your way.

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Tough Love Sans the Love?

There are times in all of our lives when we have to accept and when we have to dole out some tough love. Sometimes we don’t realize when we’ve become stuck in a rut or when we have been running in circles because our attitude sucks and has trapped us. These are times when we need the people we love to step up and give us a good swift kick in the butt so we can get moving in the right direction again. Likewise, we have to do the same for those we love every now and then.

But when it’s your turn, remember, it’s tough LOVE. It’s meant to be a form of brutal honestynot just brutality. Your goal is to help push your loved one forward gently, not to knock them down with an iron fist. Remember, they are in need of your help because they are already suffering in some way – find a way to be strong and tough without leaving bruises or scars. You can give tough love and still be the soft place to land. Those who are best at it always are.

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