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Breaking news!…your action is needed NOW!

On the heels of today’s earlier post about some positive developments for wolves in the U.S. comes heart-breaking news from Washington and several state governments. Please read the following from Defenders of Wildlife:

“First, the leadership of the House and Senate and the President brokered a budget deal that sold out wolves by including a provision that would eliminate protections for gray wolves in the Northern Rockies, weakening the Endangered Species Act and leaving these magnificent animals with little safety net against the threat of widespread killing.

Next, our settlement agreement in the ongoing fight over wolf management was rejected by a federal court – blocking a collaborative path forward that could have helped ensure that science, not politics, dictated decisions on wolf management.

Meanwhile, state legislatures in the Northern Rockies continue to prove why state management of wolves is a cause for concern. For example, the Idaho legislature has passed a bill authorizing the governor to declare a state of emergency over the presence of wolves and extremists in that state are calling for law enforcement to find and kill these amazing animals.”

Please take action now by sending a message to western governors urging them to prevent an all-out slaughter of a species that has fought so hard to stay alive.

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