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Choose to have more!

What does your life look like? Are you making ends meet? Slaving away at a job you hate that will never be worthy of who you REALLY ARE? Are you living paycheck to freaking paycheck??? Do you dream of more? Do you dream of having CHOICES? Of being financially FREE? Do you want a life that is NOT AVERAGE but EXCEPTIONAL??? Do you desire flexibility, autonomy and wealth? Do you want to CHANGE THE LIVES OF OTHERS? Do you want to better YOUR life and YOUR FAMILY’S LIFE?


I made a CHOICE to take control of my life, my destiny, my future. I started a Mary Kay business and I will not look back. I chose to let go of my RIDICULOUS judgements and stop TOLERATING mediocrity and average thinking and herd mentality. I CHOSE to be a leader. I chose to BE BOLD. I am a part of a DEBT FREE, MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR company! I lead women. I lead GREAT women. I am led by the GREATEST women.

Prosperity, freedom, leadership, unbelievable relationships…they are ALL POSSIBLE FOR YOU! If YOU are not average…if YOU are willing and READY to make a significant change in YOUR life, contact me. Do it TODAY. Understand that you are reading this because it is a part of YOUR DESTINY to connect with me, to seize this GIFT, to get OUT OF THE PIT and INTO THE PALACE! If you know that deep down inside, you are CINDA-FREAKIN-RELLA…then make a change! Get in touch with me now and CHOOSE to HAVE MORE. You are worth it. You DO deserve it. You just have to make the choice.

Have an amazing, powerful, life-altering day. Do NOT accept less.

mk opprotunity


Getting to know the Mary Kay Lady

ImagePink Cadillacs. Silver-white bouffant hair. Long nails. Little or no education and therefore resolved to sell lipstick (how pathetic!). Caked on makeup and a bit of a pushy saleswoman. Cliche and the epitome of anti-women’s lib. Sound familiar? Can you see her? This, sadly, is the image that many hold of what makes up that iconic “Mary Kay Lady.” I’m not exempt from these generalizations. Just a few short months ago – I subscribed to this absurdly innacurate viewpoint.  Image

Doctors, lawyers, teachers, atheletes, students, mothers. Incredibly successful business women. SHARP like you would not believe. Philantropic. Generous beyond words. Women of faith, substance and LEADERSHIP. Women empowering women. These are the people I have come to know as the women of Mary Kay. 

I know all this because I was given two life-changing opportunities approximately 2 months ago. First – I had surgery for my migraines. A procedure that would drastically alter the quality of my life and my ability to live, work, and play independently after 12 1/2 years of debilitating pain. I was also introduced to the Mary Kay opportunity; and because I took it, I, by extension of my business, have the privilege of drastically altering the lives of countless other women every day. 


Mary Kay produces and sells skin care and cosmetics. But that is simply a vehicle for the real work – the business of changing lives. The business of helping women to pursue their dreams, support their families and maximize their potential. Who knew lipstick could be so powerful, right? I started my business less than two months ago. I have 12 women on my team and am about to earn a free car and become a Director. There are no limits to my income potential. No limits on how quickly I can be promoted. No limits on the good I can do. We do not have a glass ceiling in this company! 

How does it work? 

Everyone starts out in the same position. Individuals choose to become leaders and those who have gone before them mentor and encourage progress at every turn. Every consultant is her own boss. She defines her goals, her pace and her success. Some choose to simply sell enough to make extra pocket money. Others decide to take on leadership roles and build their team to make a living. Others choose to be millionaires. Success here is entirely up to every individual. Image

Fifty years ago, one of the most influential businesswomen of all time, Mary Kay Ash, rose up out of retirement and in the midst of personal crisis to start this company with a few of her closest friends. Today Mary Kay Cosmetics is comprised of more than 3 million women, worldwide; has a higher number of women making 100K+ than any other company in the wolrd and is a DEBT-FREE, MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY! I dare say she could scarcely have dreamed of what she was starting 50 years ago! 

I have started a whole new life with the doors that have opened to me as a direct result of becoming a Mary Kay beauty consultant. And already I have been able to dramatically change the lives of others. Imagine being able to offer a woman suffering in an abusive relationship a way to get out – to support herself and walk away from her abuser. Imagine seeing the lights come back on in the eyes of a woman who has neglected herself so long that she forgot how to feel good. Imagine the little girl who dares to DREAM BIG and KNOWS she can do anything she sets her mind to because she sees her mom, a powerful, successful, inspiring business owner working daily for the betterment of others. Imagine the joy in a child who gets his mom back from her three minimum wage jobs because she is now her own boss, working a fraction of the time, making exponentially more money. Imagine the soldiers, children, women and families who benefit from the enormous philanthropic initiatives with which Mary Kay beauty consultants are involved. Imagine the husband who can finally cut back his hours (or retire!) and reclaim a bit of work-life balance because of the financial stability of his wife. Imagine the woman who lived a lonely life but is now in the constant presence of empowering, supportive mentors and friends. This is just a taste of what this company does for people. I am thrilled to have been so wrong about who the Mary Kay Lady is. And I am honored to be a part of such an incredible company. 

Do YOU need to make a change in your life? Do you want more time, more flexibility, more freedom, more money, more CHOICES? Are you tired of an either-or life and want to have it all? YOU CAN! And I’d love to show you how…

Check out my Web site; call me; email me. Find out about all the ways that ONE WOMAN CAN make such a difference! 




I am who you made me, so thanks!

This world is wildly unbalanced. So many children grow up with no parents at all. And I not only grew up with two biological parents, but a whole host of pseudo-parents as well. Yes, my parents were divorced, but they were still there, loving and supporting me. And I had all kinds of other parents…my doctor and his wife (my mom’s best friend), my best friend’s parents, my older siblings, my fiance’s parents…I could go on.

I look at this (partial) list of all of these people who have loved and guided me through life at different stages and I cannot help be be overwhelmed by such immense gratitude. But today is Mother’s Day. So I want to say a HUGE HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all those moms, pseudo-moms, adoptive moms, etc., whether you’re in my life or you just happened to stumble across this post. You are doing something WONDERFUL. But I have a special message for my real mom….

You have empowered me. You have kept me going. You have been there for all the panicked phone calls and cries for help……when I was three years old, and today when I am thirty-three. The issues might have changed, but your love and support never have.

You have made me strong. You taught me over and over that I could do anything I put my mind to, and that nothing in this world was too hard to overcome. You told me over and over that as long as I had my friends and my family, that was all I would ever need to be successful. As it turns out I have had to measure my success differently than most, and all those lessons paid off. Had I not learned them early I fear for where I might be now. Thank you for that wisdom so early on.

You encouraged me to write. I did…and still do! You encouraged my creativity and allowed me to make giant messes just to see what it was I was trying to get to….thank you. You encouraged me to explore, and to follow my heart, no matter where it led…even when that was scary for you because it meant trekking off to the other side of the planet for half the year, or moving to California. The good news is, my heart has always led me home to my family, just as I’m pretty sure you knew it would.

You tried to teach me to cook…sorry about that one. 🙂 I’m getting better…slowly.

You taught me that believing in myself would always be rewarded. What I see now though, is that some of the very best parts of me, are really you, shining out from inside, instilled in me ages ago. You are so much a part of the woman I am today. Thank you for being such an incredible mom. I wish I could be with you today, and closer to you everyday.

Happy Mother’s Day


Civil Disobedience: A River of Change in American Democracy

“We the people”

“A government for the people, by the people, and of the people”

“That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

These are phrases by which we define our society, our beginnings, and our path forward. These are the things that define American Democracy. Upon gaining our independence from Britain, by means of civil disobedience, and, eventually, war, we chose for ourselves a system of governance that would represent the morals and provide for the needs of the governed. It is designed to be adaptable to change. In it, we constructed checks and balances to ensure that the “consent of the governed” would always be the highest law of land. The legitimacy of any (democratic) government can only be derived from the will of the people it governs. Insofar as the government ceases to represent the will of the people, it loses any and all power over the governed. But does this theory work in practice? Perhaps eventually. But as is the case with most systems, there are delays. Just as it takes time for a river to force its way through granite, it takes time and pressure for democracy to adapt when there is dissonance between the status quo and what the public conscience can no longer endure. That pressure has come in many forms. Perhaps most often, and certainly most successfully, in the form of civil disobedience.

The history of civil disobedience in the U.S. has been overwhelmingly non-violent. That is not to say though, that it has come without harm to the individuals involved. Significant consequences have been paid at every turn in the road to creating a better nation. Take, for example, the Boston Tea Party, Women’s Suffrage, the abolition of slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, nearly every environmental movement – deforestation, animal rights, etc. Each of these chapters of our history trace their beginnings to the actions of those who risked the consequences of rising up to force government to follow the moral right.

In his famous work, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience, Henry David Thoreau wrote, “All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the government, when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable.” Today we face many unendurable inefficiencies. And as history would predict, resistance and change are inevitable.

Update on PPNNE

As of Friday, July 1, just over a week since the New Hampshire Executive Council, led by Councilman St. Hilaire, decided to reject funding for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, the effects are already being felt in a big way. At PPNNE’s six health centers in New Hampshire, 92 patients didn’t have access to affordable birth control. By next week it will be hundreds. By next month, it will be thousands.

Your help is needed now. Here’s what you can do:

Make a tax-deductible donation to PPNNE’s Justice fund. The Justice Fund helps provide the resources PPNNE needs to meet the legal, advocacy, and public information challenges that arise in their efforts to protect access to women’s health care services. Often, when legal and public policy threats emerge, they are unavoidable, unbudgeted, and tap precious, limited resources. Your special gift to the Justice Fund will help as PPNNE staff members work around the clock to ensure this contract is renewed.

If you live in NH Districts 2, 4, or 5, contact your councilor and urge them to reconsider this extreme decision. If you live in NH Districts 1 or 3 thank your councilor for caring about women!

NH residents: Add your name to our petition and signature collection.

Thanks for standing up for women, health and justice.

Affordable Healthcare in NH takes a Huge Hit

New Hampshire Executive Councilman Hilaire

Last Wednesday the New Hampshire Executive Council voted 3-2 against a $1.8 million contract that has allowed Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE) to provide health services to low-income patients for more than 30 years. (AP/Boston Globe, June 22, 2011) The services funded by this contract include cancer and sexually transmitted disease screening; family planning/reproductive health education;  and access to contraception. The council, composed of five men, approved every other family planning contract it considered. So why not the Planned Parenthood contract?…you guessed it – because (GASP!)…they also provide abortion services! (Though no state or federal money would, or ever has funded abortions at Planned Parenthood.) When asked why the contract was voted down, Councilor Dan St. Hilaire admitted that he “supports most family planning services but opposed awarding the contract to PPNNE because the organization provides abortion services.” (National Partnership for Women and Families, Daily Report)

Most people who do not support abortion refer to themselves as “pro-life.” (more accurately called anti-choice) So I find myself somewhat perplexed given that the services funded by the contract save lives. Call me crazy, but that sounds pretty “pro-life,” no? They also prevent unwanted pregnancies and decrease the number of abortions annually. But then again, I supposed it probably does make much more sense to deny PPNNE the opportunity to save lives and prevent unwanted pregnancies because…they also  provide abortion services…even though the contract doesn’t fund any of them….just the life-saving stuff. Hmmm…

Here’s the real problem. The weight of the political debate over abortion has so far exceeded the level of honest decision making that real, life-saving, crucial services are being denied, defunded, discredited and done away with. It is a sad testimony to the state of our politics and the credibility of our leaders that time and time again health, quality of life, and even life itself are victims of weak politicians jockeying for votes. Is being against abortion really more important than supporting health and life? For three members of the NH Executive Council, apparently the answer to that question is “yes.”

So what are some of the real outcomes? Undetected cancer that will kill. Untreated/undetected sexually transmitted diseases that will spread, some that will kill. Untold numbers of additional unwanted pregnancies. Increased abortions, many that will be done in back alleys or at home, with unspeakable outcomes. Some of these will end with both fetus and mother dead. Many women and girls will not have access to contraception prescribed for health reasons not even related to birth control (yes, the pill is actually a widely used treatment for many medical conditions!) PPNNE offered the following as an example of services that may no longer be available.

“The manager of our West Lebanon Health Center was recently asked what effect the loss of this contract would have on our services. She shared a story of a patient who visited a drug store to get birth control pills, only to learn they were $100 a pack. She couldn’t afford this cost, so she came to PPNNE. We told this patient that, based on her income, we could slide her pills down to $0 but we would take any donation she could give us. The patient pulled out a handful of change and counted out $1.37 in coins and said, “It’s not much, but I want you to have it.”

I said these services MAY no longer be available…the Council is being petitioned to reconsider their decision. In addition, PPNNE is seeking donations. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible gift to PPNNE’s Annual Fund, click here. If you can donate, donate. If you can’t afford to donate, but wish to voice your opinion to the Council, please call, fax, email, or visit them!  With enough support, the residents of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine will continue to have access to affordable, critically important health services.

New Hampshire Executive Council
107 North Main Street
State House, Room 207
Concord, NH 03301

Phone: 603/271-3632               E-mail:

Fax: 603/271-3633                   Web site:

Small Wonders

For all those who have lost loved ones, I hope you find some comfort in these words.

In loving memory of Evelyn Marion Small Colvin and Helen Small Barter

Small Wonders

There are some things, some people,

that are like fixtures in our lives.

We always know where to find them, 

and just how they will be when we get there.

They are permanent; they have a place.

They are timeless, and elegant…

the perfect balance of wisdom, beauty and grace.

Without ever meaning to, 

or perhaps ever knowing that they do, 

they serve a purpose in the lives of others.

They are a sort of beacon about which we orient ourselves,

and come to know our own places in the world.

They serve as a standard by which we measure

not just our own worth, 

but the good of all that surrounds us.

We come to rely on them.

We depend on knowing where to find them, 

and just how they will be when we get there.

But when they move, or are gone, 

it takes time before our own lives make sense again.

This is the time in which we heal.

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