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Getting to know the Mary Kay Lady

ImagePink Cadillacs. Silver-white bouffant hair. Long nails. Little or no education and therefore resolved to sell lipstick (how pathetic!). Caked on makeup and a bit of a pushy saleswoman. Cliche and the epitome of anti-women’s lib. Sound familiar? Can you see her? This, sadly, is the image that many hold of what makes up that iconic “Mary Kay Lady.” I’m not exempt from these generalizations. Just a few short months ago – I subscribed to this absurdly innacurate viewpoint.  Image

Doctors, lawyers, teachers, atheletes, students, mothers. Incredibly successful business women. SHARP like you would not believe. Philantropic. Generous beyond words. Women of faith, substance and LEADERSHIP. Women empowering women. These are the people I have come to know as the women of Mary Kay. 

I know all this because I was given two life-changing opportunities approximately 2 months ago. First – I had surgery for my migraines. A procedure that would drastically alter the quality of my life and my ability to live, work, and play independently after 12 1/2 years of debilitating pain. I was also introduced to the Mary Kay opportunity; and because I took it, I, by extension of my business, have the privilege of drastically altering the lives of countless other women every day. 


Mary Kay produces and sells skin care and cosmetics. But that is simply a vehicle for the real work – the business of changing lives. The business of helping women to pursue their dreams, support their families and maximize their potential. Who knew lipstick could be so powerful, right? I started my business less than two months ago. I have 12 women on my team and am about to earn a free car and become a Director. There are no limits to my income potential. No limits on how quickly I can be promoted. No limits on the good I can do. We do not have a glass ceiling in this company! 

How does it work? 

Everyone starts out in the same position. Individuals choose to become leaders and those who have gone before them mentor and encourage progress at every turn. Every consultant is her own boss. She defines her goals, her pace and her success. Some choose to simply sell enough to make extra pocket money. Others decide to take on leadership roles and build their team to make a living. Others choose to be millionaires. Success here is entirely up to every individual. Image

Fifty years ago, one of the most influential businesswomen of all time, Mary Kay Ash, rose up out of retirement and in the midst of personal crisis to start this company with a few of her closest friends. Today Mary Kay Cosmetics is comprised of more than 3 million women, worldwide; has a higher number of women making 100K+ than any other company in the wolrd and is a DEBT-FREE, MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY! I dare say she could scarcely have dreamed of what she was starting 50 years ago! 

I have started a whole new life with the doors that have opened to me as a direct result of becoming a Mary Kay beauty consultant. And already I have been able to dramatically change the lives of others. Imagine being able to offer a woman suffering in an abusive relationship a way to get out – to support herself and walk away from her abuser. Imagine seeing the lights come back on in the eyes of a woman who has neglected herself so long that she forgot how to feel good. Imagine the little girl who dares to DREAM BIG and KNOWS she can do anything she sets her mind to because she sees her mom, a powerful, successful, inspiring business owner working daily for the betterment of others. Imagine the joy in a child who gets his mom back from her three minimum wage jobs because she is now her own boss, working a fraction of the time, making exponentially more money. Imagine the soldiers, children, women and families who benefit from the enormous philanthropic initiatives with which Mary Kay beauty consultants are involved. Imagine the husband who can finally cut back his hours (or retire!) and reclaim a bit of work-life balance because of the financial stability of his wife. Imagine the woman who lived a lonely life but is now in the constant presence of empowering, supportive mentors and friends. This is just a taste of what this company does for people. I am thrilled to have been so wrong about who the Mary Kay Lady is. And I am honored to be a part of such an incredible company. 

Do YOU need to make a change in your life? Do you want more time, more flexibility, more freedom, more money, more CHOICES? Are you tired of an either-or life and want to have it all? YOU CAN! And I’d love to show you how…

Check out my Web site; call me; email me. Find out about all the ways that ONE WOMAN CAN make such a difference! 




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