Sometimes in life you have to get a little lost before you are truly able to find your way.

Ginger Tea and Jewelry

A crack of thunder so loud it shook my building a little while ago and interrupted Chloe’s afternoon nap on my lap. She’s now hiding under the couch. I sort of wish I could hide under there too. Not from the thunder, just because it’s one of those days where my mood is very much like the downpour that darkened the day outside. Unlike the storm that passed quickly and gave way to the beautiful sunshine, my mood is not improving. Instead I’m battling with pharmacies and prescription discount programs and doctor’s offices.

I am tired. Exhausted really. Which would sound insane to the average person given that the most strenuous thing I have done today was to make ginger tea to settle my stomach. I’m coming off of one of my medications that has been wreaking havoc on my body for months. While I am glad to be getting off of it (and excited at the prospect of losing all the weight is has caused me to gain!) the process of ending it is quite challenging. It is disrupting my already troubled sleep, making me throw up, exacerbating my migraines (primarily due to the sleep disturbance). I have to make concessions. Worse – the people I love do as well. I could not make it to my mother’s house for MOTHER’S DAY. Irritating beyond belief. I finally live close enough to be with her in person on the day meant to celebrate her and in stead I was stuck home in bed. But in a few weeks I will feel better. Less sick, more energetic, hopefully in less pain and I will go spend much more quality time with her.

So I didn’t get to do what I had planned today. Instead I am barely staying awake, attempting not to further disrupt my sleep tonight by giving in to the temptation to nap this afternoon. I was up almost all of  last night throwing up. No matter how many times I brush my teeth I can’t get the smell of vomit out of my nostrils. But I worked on some jewelry. What should have taken minutes took much longer and it wasn’t much to show for the day, but I made something beautiful. And that’s something.

My big accomplishment for the day :)

My big accomplishment for the day 🙂

Sometimes we have to measure success in different increments. One day it means cleaning the house; another it means scraping up enough energy to shower and eat. Today it is getting through. And making that necklace was a bonus.


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  1. Hey dude, I am just curious which medicine you were on at this point that was wreaking such havoc on your body AND causing weight gain and vomiting etc.. I am so sorry, that is just plain miserable. I have migraines but luckily for me they are well controlled by maxalt so it’s one symptom I can manage decently. I am just curious about the med that caused you all this harm. If you are still in Florida I STRONGLY suggest seeing dr. Nancy Klimas.: a CFS specialist. (Top 3 in the country) Not sure if you’ve received the CFS diagnosis or fibro, with the skin sensitivity it sounds like fibro, although it’s possible and common to have both. I’d be so curious to see what she would test with someone like you with such frequent and intense migraines. I’m sure you’ve had hormone levels checked and all the basics.. But her tests are waaaay more comprehensive based off her study of this disease for last 30 years. The blood work she does is super specific and vast, (stuff other doctors wouldn’t even know to test for) and then she also tests certain things based on the particular symptoms which are most troubling. Your mental attitude is great for someone who spent the night puking and in such pain.. I hope you have help somewhere nearby from family or friends. Maxalt melts in your mouth so if your puking the Meds can still get delivered to your system. Also I take zofran which controls nausea and typically stops the vomiting quickly. I’m sure you’ve already tried these things, just wanted to double check as I know the HELL of migraines but do not experience them as frequently or intensely as you. I really feel for you buddy, and admire your mental stamina to keep going. There is always a new treatment or finding or doctor who will try something or find something the others missed. Your mri’s.. Totally normal? My new doc basically says there’s no such things as medicinal “normal” because the way we’ve measured tests for decades has been completely off. And even a “normal” test doesn’t mean shit if the patient is still experiencing symptoms. Have you ever had a tilt table test or been tested for POTS? We need to chat! There is no reason your migraines should not be under control by now with all the new Meds and techniques available. I don’t mean you’re not having then, I mean it seems like your doctors are truly missing something. Let me know, I know I’m far from a doc, but could maybe lend some advice if there are certain things I’ve tried that maybe your docs haven’t thought to test. My experience? Younger, female docs tend to be more helpful in this area..: they are more up to date on recent findings and cutting edge therapies/ Meds AND also just understand that a woman’s body functions and responds differently than a mans, and they can often find or think of possible treatments that the “old school” docs who have done it ONE way for decades may not. It sounds sexist, it’s more just rational that a female oils understand a females body better (duh) Just my advice as that’s been my experience. Let me know how you are. All the best. Mary


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